Natral® sodium aluminate

DEQUACHIM specialises in the production and marketing of aluminium salts in solution.

Sodium aluminate, manufactured and marketed under the name Natral®, is a highly basic inorganic coagulant prepared from aluminium hydroxide (ATH) and sodium hydroxide.

Natral® sodium aluminate
hand holding the handle of a spray nozzle spraying a white pigment

Natral® is increasingly being used for drinking water and wastewater treatment. As an alkaline coagulant, sodium aluminate can be used for applications where the addition of caustic soda alone is not desirable. Sodium aluminate solution provides an economical source of highly reactive alumina.

Natral® is becoming an increasingly popular choice for the removal of phosphates, magnesium, silicates, suspended solids (SS) etc. in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants as nitrogen and phosphate discharge limits become more and more stringent. Its use also improves water clarification by reducing corrosion, foaming and the amount of sludge generated. As a physico-chemical process with biological treatment or with the use of catalytic wet oxidation processes combined with the use of UV rays, the use of sodium aluminate creates real advantages.

This type of aluminium-based coagulant improves flocculation but is also used in other sectors:

  • In construction, as a concrete setting accelerator and as a hardening agent, especially when work is carried out in winter or during periods of frost
  • In the paper industry to increase the pH level
  • In the titanium dioxide industry for surface treatment, as intermediates
  • For the manufacture of zeolites and catalysts
  • For the manufacture of refractory cements

is a filtered solution, clear, slightly yellowish and low in iron.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we offer different concentrations. The Natral®23 grade is the most concentrated, at 23% Al2O3.

Natral® meets the specifications of the EN878 standard (chemicals used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption).

Numerous advantages


Natral® can be packaged in bulk or in smaller packages such as IBCs.


  • Treatment of drinking water
    • Coagulation & flocculation
  • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
    • Coagulation & flocculation
    • Phosphate removal & clarification
  • Paper industry: neutralisation & flocculation, bonding, retention agent and pH adjustment agent
  • Construction: accelerator and additive for concretes and cements/hardening agent
  • Pigments: surface treatment for the titanium dioxide industry
  • Pharmacy: formulation
  • Catalysts: alumina manufacture