The Dequadis®, Dequasol and Dequagel boehmites

DEQUACHIM manufactures and markets boehmites and pseudo-boehmites – very-high-purity hydrated aluminas (aluminium oxihydroxide) – under the names Dequadis®, Dequasol and Dequagel.

Boehmite and pseudoboehmite alumina​
Ceramic abrasive grains

Dequadis® is a very-high-purity boehmite, of which the very high dispersibility in aqueous media makes it possible to obtain a stable and easily usable hydrosol for applications involving the SOL-GEL process in particular.

Dequasol is a boehmite supplied in the form of a ready-to-use stable colloidal suspension.

Dequagel is a very-high-purity pseudo-boehmite, non-peptisable, partially dispersible and available in different grades that can be used in particular as a catalyst support.

Our team of highly qualified engineers and our range of production and analysis equipment allow us to offer an array of products whose main physical parameters can be adjusted according to needs and target applications.

Numerous advantages


Boehmites can be packed in drums or big bags.


  • SOL-GEL process
  • Catalysts: used as a binder or in the manufacture of gamma alumina
  • Abrasives: used in the manufacture of ceramic grains
  • Coatings: used in the printing industry for the manufacture of pre-coatings for inkjet and in the paper industry
  • Ceramic and refractory industries: used as a binder and source of alumina
  • Paints: elimination of stickiness (detackification)
  • Rheology control: thixotropic and thickening agent