Aqualun® aluminium sulphate

DEQUACHIM  specialises in the production and marketing of aluminium salts in solution.

Aluminium sulphate, manufactured and marketed under the name Aqualun®, is an acid inorganic coagulant prepared from aluminium hydroxide (ATH) and sulfuric acid.

Aqualun® aluminium sulphate
water poured in a glass placed on green moss

Aqualun® is commonly used in municipal and industrial water treatment plants and also for the treatment of drinking water.

Aqualun® is a great alternative to FeCl3 and PAC. With the shortage of chlorine in Europe since September 2022, Aqualun® responds perfectly to the lack of coagulants on the market and allows water players to continue their activity with a better cost and excellent results.

Aqualun® is much less corrosive and dangerous compared to the use of other salts and offers the same result. 

Aqualun® works by neutralising negative charges by forming flocs that precipitate suspended solids, resulting in a lesser turbidity and removing TOC and BOD.

Aqualun® is also used in the paper industry, in fertilisers, in the manufacture of titanium dioxide-based pigments and in aluminas.
Aqualun® is a filtered solution, clear and low in iron.

It meets the specifications of the EN878 standard (chemicals used for the treatment of water intended for human consumption).

Numerous advantages


Aqualun® can be packaged in bulk or in smaller packages such as IBCs.


  • Treatment of drinking water
    • Coagulation & flocculation
  • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
    • Coagulation & flocculation
    • Phosphate removal & clarification
  • Paper industry: neutralisation & flocculation, bonding, retention agent
  • Construction: accelerator and additive for concretes and cements
  • Fertiliser: grain hardener
  • Pharmacy: formulation of antacid products
  • Rubber: precipitated silica, formulation
  • Catalysts: alumina manufacture, zeolite formulation
  • Photography
  • Cosmetic products: precursor of adjuvants