Agile chemistry

In a world that is changing as fast as the environment in which we operate, DEQUACHIM has adopted an agile management style based on the guiding principles of customer focus, flexibility and reactivity.

Rapid information sharing, consultation and continuous improvement are an integral part of our corporate culture.

This agility extends to a willingness to engage in frank and direct dialogue with all of our stakeholders. The result is the rapid development of concrete and customised solutions.

Sol-gel sels d'aluminium
operator with black cap and yellow jacket in front of a control panel
Agility in a circle with 4 arrows pointing outwards

We have been active for nearly 40 years in fields ranging from environmental chemistry to catalysis, materials science to paints, to pharmaceutical chemistry, to agriculture and many more besides, and we meet the standards of the largest players in the chemical industry with a satisfaction rate of 4.66 (*) out of 5.

This result is the consequence of the deep involvement of our employees and partners, a policy of continuous investment and the support of our shareholders.

In order to guarantee a high-quality logistical service, we collaborate with companies specialising in road, sea & air transport and customs agencies that respect current regulations and deadlines.

Our advantages

  • We aim for close collaboration with all our partners
  • Our teams are attentive, reactive and available
  • Our various departments are proactive in customer service

(*) Average result of the annual customer satisfaction survey conducted on 10 February 2021.

Créée en 1983, la société compte aujourd’hui plus de 40 collaborateurs et exporte 70% de sa production  à travers le monde.

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