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NATRAL® is a very alkaline pH inorganic coagulant prepared from aluminium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide.  

DEQUACHIM manufactures an aqueous solution of sodium aluminate marketed under the name sodium NATRAL®. The manufactured product is filtered and low in iron, this yellowish clear solution exists in different concentrations (NATRAL®23, NATRAL®13 and NATRAL®3).

The sodium aluminate solution NATRAL® is increasingly recommended and used, because it gives very good results for the treatment of sewage or industrial effluent (among others to remove suspended solids and phosphorus). 

This type of aluminium-based coagulant improves flocculation but is also used in other sectors. In construction, sodium aluminate is used as an accelerator for concrete and as a hardener especially when the work is done in the winter or when it is freezing. Sodium aluminate is also used to adjust the pH in the paper industry, for surface treatment in the titanium dioxide industry, as intermediates in the manufacture of zeolites, and the production of catalysts as additives in refractory cements.

NATRAL® may be packed in bulk or in smaller packages such as ISOtanks or IBCs.



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