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AQUALUN® is a pH acid inorganic coagulant prepared from aluminium hydroxide and sulphuric acid.

DEQUACHIM manufactures aluminium sulphate at 8.2% Al2O3 marketed as AQUALUN®. This clear solution is filtered and is low in iron; it meets the requirements of the standard EN878 and NF EN1302.

The aluminium sulphate solution AQUALUN ® is very often used in treatment plants or municipal water treatment of industrial wastewater. AQUALUN® is also used for treatment of drinking water and is an excellent primary coagulant. AQUALUN® is much less corrosive and dangerous for the same result with respect to the use of other salts such as PAC, FeCl3, etc. Aluminium sulphate works by neutralizing the negative charges by forming flocks that precipitate suspended solids, thereby providing a better removal of turbidity and TOC and BOD. The aluminium sulphate solution AQUALUN ® is also used in the paper industry, in fertilizers, in the manufacture of pigments based on titanium dioxide or in the alumina.

AQUALUN® may be packed in bulk or in smaller packages such as ISOtanks or IBCs.



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